Students may want to check out Mr. Bednar’s site on how to develop a professional looking resume at<

If you are preparing a Resume for a Job Application or for a scholarship, you may try any of the tips and links to help you develop your personal resume: Resume Action Verbs or Resume Advice.

Your resume should be ‘skill oriented’ and should emphasize specific skills that you are capable of performing. For resume ideas, check out Skills That Employers Want. To look at several examples of resumes that professional resume writers develop for clients, check out Resume Samples or the example of a scholarship resume printed below. Your resume is a great way to communicate your accomplishments, skills, and awards your have received. It is key that your resume appear as a professional document with not spelling or grammatical errors. It is wise to use phrases, not sentences, each beginning with an ‘action verb’ that communicates your are a person of accomplishment. A resume is the first impression that an employer or scholarship committee will have of you. Check out a sample resume with a ‘student profile’. For many job applications, the student profile would instead clearly state a career objective to fit the job your are seeking.

You can download a sample resume Mr. Bednar has created as a template for scholarship applications./a>.

Every student should consider developing a personal website to promote and enhance their professional looking resume. Check out the Forbes Magazine’s link may help.

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