Faith Blogs

The following blogsites assist readers in exploring a deeper application to faith and love in God, love toward others, and daily discipleship.

So teach us, O God, to count our days that we may gain a wise heart. Psalm 90:12

God cannot give us a happiness and peace apart from Himself, because it is not there. There is no such thing. C. S. Lewis

1.  Journal of Counseling and Discipleship:

2. Dallas Willard:
3. Joel Miller, VP Thomas Nelson:
4. LindeyNobles Thoma Nelson:
5. Spence Smith:
6. An Idol Heart:
7. James MacDonald:
8. Bob DeMoss:
9. Brad Lomenick:
10. Chris Brogan:
11. Blake Unfettered:
12. Jon Acuff:
13. Shaun Groves:
14. Desiring God:
15. Brian Greenwood, BibleDude:
16. Jeff Goins:
17. K.C. Procter – somewise guy – fathering:
18. The high calling:
19. Sifted As Wheat:
20. Matt Chambers, Ethoshift, seeking that place where being average is impossible:
21. Dawson McCallister:
22. Resolved
23. ESV Bible helpline:

24. Dustin Schledewitz:

25. Assoc. of Biblical Counselors:
26. Brad Hambrick – counselor at a church:
toward a biblical def. of counseling:
27. Paul Tripp:
28. Grace Dependent:
30. Coaching Business and Life – Building Champions:

31.  Breakpoint:

32.  Gospel Coalition:

33.  The Resurgence:
34. Jeff Goins, Writer:
35. Jon Foreman, the lead singer of the rock band Switchfoot:
35. Jamie Wright, The Worst Missionary:
36. Dr. Paul Welter’s “What Would Jesus Ask” Blog:
37. James MacDonald / Walk In The Word:
38. Steven Furtik:
39. Brandon A. Cox – Pastor, Church Communications Guy, Church Website Designer & Blogger

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