Career Ed

A number of online resources are available to help a student of any age develop effective career and academic decisions for the future. They include:
1. Career Cruising (You need to log in with a username (Pleasanton) and password (Bulldog), then create your own unique username and password to begin the assessments with a specific “Career Plan”
2. Nebraska Career Connections (You can create your own account with an email address, but you will need your school’s access code, provided by a school administrator or school counselor).
3. Career One Stop – A one stop encyclopedia of career information provided by the federal government
4. Careers For Students Who Like… – An online resource provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (Click the links under “Students”)
5. Education Pays (Links to show the benefits of pursuing an education after high school)
6. Employment Projections For The Near Future
7. Gender Equity and Salary Expectations
8. Licensure Requirements For Specific Careers
9. Job Profiles
10. Occupational Outlook Handbook (an online publication on careers and trends by the Bureau of Labor Statistics)
11. Salary Expert (Salary / Wage Comparisons and Expectations)
12. What Can You Do With A Major In…
13. O’NET Online – Information on specific careers
14. Hamilton Project (Earnings by College Major)
15. My Next Move: Career interest profile, information on skills, abilities, personality, technology, job outlook.
16. High Wage, Skill, Demand Occupations (H3): Information on Nebraska’s high skill, high wage, and high demand occupations.
17. Career Clusters Videos: Industry tours inside Nebraska businesses.
18. Nebraska Reality Check: From EducationQuest, uses data to match lifestyle to wages.
19. Labor Market Information (LMI) Homepage: Click on “Labor Market Analysis” under the Labor Market Information section
20. College Scoreboard: Information on colleges including cost, programs of study.
21. United States Air Force
22. United States Army
23. United States Marine Corp
24. United States Navy Careers

Check out Tripp and Tyler’s clip, promoting Dr. Tim Elmore’s Book, “Artificial Maturity”. Everyone needs to set goals, develop a work ethic, and can benefit from Career Education:

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