“Don’t Feed The Bully” Author Connection

Pleasanton’s Fifth and Sixth Graders connected with Author Brad Tassell to discuss his book, “Don’t Feed The Bully”. Mr. Tassell’s presentation inspired students to remain calm under pressure and not provoke bullying behavior by reacting in a negative way. Students asked a number of questions while Mr. Tassell answered with entertaining yet challenging comments. Student’s reflections are below in the ‘Comments” link.


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29 responses to ““Don’t Feed The Bully” Author Connection

  1. Jesse

    I learned that the book is based off a real event. He is a very busy author because he is also a chameleon .

  2. michael

    I lerned that don’t give the reation the bully wants.Handy is my favorite character in the whole book.

  3. Tanner

    I liked how he used action.

  4. Keiser Dixon

    I learned the 4 steps to not get in trouble1.stay calm2.asses the likelihood of violence3.have a thick skin and sense of humor4.collect evidence.Follow these 4 steps in order to get the bully bullying you in trouble.

  5. marshall

    Marshall dont be a bully you will not make friends.

  6. Caleb

    I learned how to avoid getting bullied even though I don’t get bullied often. My favorite character was handy because he was funny and liked root beer like me.😄 i learned that you were threatened and bullied but you did what handy did.finally i want to thank you for talking with us and your book was great.

  7. Zander

    I learned that you should not be the bully

  8. Paige

    The book was great and the author was so funny.he showed us that bullying is more than just picking on someone.

  9. Maeli

    The author was really funny.thar was two classes doing it at the same time.It was the fun that was the best long distant learning in the school this year.

  10. Joseph

    I learned from the book that if you let it bother you it is even worse.My favorite character is Ralphy because I like his personality.My favorite part was when Handy proved that Curt did it.I learned from Brad that you need to have good sense of humor.

  11. Lauren

    I really enjoyed talking to the author he was so funny.the author taught me that if you get bullied first you should stay calm second asses the likelihood of violence third have a thick skin and a sense of humor forth collect evidence.also when you or somebody else is getting bullied you should go tell a adult.

  12. Carly

    I Learned That Brad Tassel Is A Very Busy Guy Because He Is A Comedian More Than He Is A Author.I Also Learned The 4 Steps Of Bullying : 1. Stay Clam 2.Asses The Likihood Of Violence 3. Have A Thick Skin And A Sense Of Humor 4.Collect Evidence To Expose The Bully.

  13. Zander

    I also learned the book is awesome.

  14. Kaden

    Don’t feed the bully what I learned is if someone is trying to threatening you stay calm assess the likelihood of violence have a thick skin and a sense of humor and collect evidence . The author Brad Tassell was awesome and very funny.😂Thank you

  15. Brielle

    I learned that you shouldn’t show reaction to the bully because if you do then the bullies words will hurt you and get under your skin.My favorite character was Ralphie I don’t know why but I just do.I also learned that Brad has been bullied and threatened as well. Thanks for doing this Brad Tassel

  16. Tanner

    He was a very busy author because he is a comedeon.He is a nice person.
    He is a awesome author.

  17. Laramie

    I learned that bullying is bad cause if you react to bullying, your just feeding the bully.My favorite character is kurt cause he has a good strategy in kick ball.I learned that the author is was threatened at a airport and the author is a comedian.

  18. JJ

    I learned that you should stay calm and DO NOT fight back because if you do they will keep bullying you.Good thing I’m not a bully. 😁

  19. Tagget

    -Learned that when a bully is doing that you don’t like,1.Stay calm.2.Assess the likelihood of violence.3.Have a thick skin and a since of humor.4.Colect evidence.
    My favorite character was Raphie.When he wanted to stop bullying,he told his teacher to put him in a cage so he couldn’t bully anyone

  20. Pacen

    I learned not to be a bully because it can backfire on you and you will feel embarrassed.

  21. Dallas

    I learned about to stay calm under pressure.

  22. Treven

    I learned not to bully people because you can get into trouble if someone is bullying you just stay calm

  23. Samuel

    I connect with the author by not to argue back with the bully.

  24. Carson

    I learned not to be a bully and try to ignore the bully, but if you can’t, try to use a sense on humor to make the bully stop.

    My favorite character is Ralphie because he bullies but he hates it an can’t stop!

  25. Regan

    I learned that bulling is not the right thing to do,Ralphie is my favorite character because he is in a cage, I would never want to be a bully because it is the wrong thing to do

  26. Desiree

    I really liked how you told your story of the guy at the airport saying that he would kill you just because you wanted to cut in line because it was so long

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