Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo Virtual Field Trip

Pleasanton 5th and 6th Graders participated in a virtual field trip to Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo, connecting with Mr. Peter Brunette, Zoo Outreach Coordinator. The connection was live to the Lied Jungle showcasing a ‘behind the scene’ viewpoint with Mr. Brunette. Students were able to ask questions and see a variety of species in the Lied Jungle. Student comments are below.


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31 responses to “Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo Virtual Field Trip

  1. Lauren

    Lauren-I learned a lot from Peter like the layers of the rainforest,the Howler monkey,and the biggest bird the Macaw.

  2. Maci

    I enjoyed it when we were doing the dancing!! and singing!! part !!!

  3. Zander

    I learned about some animals that live in the rainforest.
    I also learned about the forest floor,under story,canopy,and emergent layer

  4. Lauren

    Lauren-I loved doing this long distance learning because the zoo makes it fun to learn about animals Peter was a awesome teacher to.

  5. Blake

    Blake- I enjoyed it because I liked seeing all the animals and the two birds. Also i liked all the stuff you talked about especially the part about the four layers of the rain forest.

  6. Jesse

    Chocolate (cocoa) grows in the rain forest. The jungle has 4 different layers are forest floor, under story, canopy and emergent.

  7. Joseph

    It was cool because I learned the 4 layers of the rainforest.I liked the canopy layer because of its animals.I enjoyed this experience.

  8. Pacen

    The song he taught me was helpful. The blue and gold macaw was the coolest animal

  9. marshall

    Marshall – The rainforest is cool because the animals we saw were new to me. We leaned about a lot about the rainforest.
    Thank you

  10. Carly

    Carly- I enjoyed learning about the 4 layers. I also enjoyed learning about all the animals.

  11. Faith

    I liked the song we sang and I also liked the animals we saw.

  12. Caleb

    Before we had seen you at the zoo we had to research animals,layers,and other thing like these.Me and my partner researched the caiman and boa constrictor.From you i have learned that the smallest monkey has the biggest brain.And one more thing, i want to thank you for having fun with us and teaching us about the rain forest. Thank you again.

  13. Samuel

    I liked the song you taught us and I loved the Blue Macaw.

  14. Brielle

    I really enjoyed this because of all the things we learned about animals and seeing new things.This activity was so fun!!All the animals were so interesting!!!

  15. Maeli

    It was really fun learning about the rainforest.There was a really fun song that we learned. There were a lot of cool animals their was even a spider skeleton there.

  16. michael

    Hi my name is Michael
    I ❤️ is the Toucan.The Toucan has such a long beak.The under story is awesome.If I was an animal I would live there.👍🏻

  17. Riggin

    Riggin- I liked the layers of the rainforest. I liked the spider skeleton mold and the rest of the stuff that you showed us.

  18. Keenan

    My name is Keenan. Our class had a virtual field trip to Omaha’s Henry Doorly zoo we talked to our instructor Peter he showed us a macaw and a couple monkeys like a spider monkey was my favorite he was jumping all around we had a hard time focusing the camera on him we also saw a pigeon not any ordinary pigeon it was the closest living relative to the dodo bird it looked very colorful.We also saw a very large fish it weighs about 80 pounds

  19. Keiser Dixon

    1.The four main layers of the rainforest are: forest floor, under story, canopy, and emergent. 2.I liked it because I liked Peter’s activities to learn about the rainforest.

  20. Tagget nilsen

    Thank you so much.We learned the four layers of the rain forest:the forest floor,the under story,the canopy,and the emergent layer.We also learned that the howler monkey is the largest type of monkey.

  21. Paige

    Paige- I thought that this was so cool because I truly love animals so to me this was so amazing.mostly because I love birds and monkeys they are so funny and entertaining

  22. Zander

    I learned about the 4 main layers forest floor,understory,canopy,and emergent layer.
    I also learned about some animals that live in the rainforest.

  23. Dalyn

    I liked this because I love animals it was awesome. I also enjoyed this because I learned a lot. -Dalyn

  24. Tagget nilsen

    Thank you.We learned the four layers of the rain forest: the forest floor; the under story; the canopy; and the emergent.

  25. JJ

    I learned the four main layers of the rain forest the forest floor,the under story, the canopy, and the emergent layer. I enjoyed it a lot, because it was very interesting. I liked the blue and yellow macaw because they are beautiful and interesting in ways such as they can mimic you,that can be very funny.

  26. Tanner

    I liked the huge aripima.
    I liked the blue and gold macaw.

  27. Laramie

    One layer of the rainforest is the forest floor that is very dark and plants that grow in the dark can grow there.One of the animals that live there is the Hercules beetle pincher that is the largest beetle in the world and eats decaying fruits in the rainforest.

  28. Natalie

    Natalie-I loved the virtual field trip it was super fun I learned the layers of the rainforest there is the forest floor,under story,canopy,emergent.I also liked the squirrel monkey it was really small and cute

  29. Keiser Dixon

    I learned the layers of the forest forest floor,under story,canopy,and emergent.
    I liked Peter’s activities and what he showed us.

  30. Tagget

    Thank you.We learned a song.We also learned the 4layers:the forest floor,the under story,the canopy,and the emergent layer.We learned that the howler monkey is the largest type monkey.

  31. Kaden

    Hi my name is Kaden the rest of my class and I took a virtual field trip to the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha. We visited peter we first saw the rain forest monkeys. We loved talking to peter he is really nice thank you peter ! we loved it!!!

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