Who Are Your Heroes?

In the comments, please identify two heroes that you have in your life. What two people do you admire, and why do you look up to them?


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13 responses to “Who Are Your Heroes?

  1. Brielle

    My hero is my family

  2. Natalie

    My sister she is so nice

  3. Jesse

    My teacher
    Because she helps me

  4. carly06q@icloud.com

    My parents are my hero because they are always there for me

  5. Keenan Jensen

    My dad because he always does the right thing

  6. Mason

    My hero is Abe Lincoln because he ended slavery.

  7. Laramie158

    My hero is a firefighter cause they put out big fires

  8. JJ

    My mom is my hero, because she takes care of me.

  9. Kaden

    Kaden my hero is brother trey

  10. Michael Geisler

    my hero is my dad and mom because they always give me food

  11. Lauren smith

    My parents are my heroes because they help me when ever I need help

  12. Kaden

    Kaden my hero is dove camrin because she made me want to be an actor

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