Life Goals



I recently listened to a podcast by the late Dallas Willard. He stated that the most important thing in life is the person you become, not the wealth, status, accomplishments, or achievements that we pursue. That comment was an echo from several years ago when a graduate professor I had, Dr. Paul Welter, stated that ‘as you grow older, you become more of who you already are.’
If that is true, I think I’m missing the point in the classroom. Am I teaching my students to pursue a career or college education as the most important life goals? Am I hinting that wealth and achievement are two ultimate life objectives? If those pursuits are the primary passions, will a person compromise his / her character?
I’m hoping that I communicate to my students that character development is so important in life. If a person cannot be trusted and depended upon, their employability is compromised. What is more important than trustworthiness? A person can gain great wealth and prestige without a solid character, but the longevity and legacy left behind may not be all that notable.
Trust in a digital world is just as important as trust in the industrial age. In a past agrarian world, trust was important. It could have meant survival of the fittest. Perhaps today it is easier to live as a hypocrite, portraying oneself as being trustworthy, yet hide many facts that cold demonstrate otherwise. One can have many surface relationships and carry on a successful business or academic front while secretly living a compromised life morally.
I’m hoping to convey to my students that a life well lived is a life that is authentic. What is demonstrated in public is demonstrated privately. There is no difference in character. As one makes every attempt to live authentically, then that life process will result in wisdom and true character development.

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