What Could Be Your Biggest Regret?

The following is a quote from the above Youtube’s comments, uploaded in January, 2011. Following the quote are a few personal reflections.
“To make the world a better place, we must first become better ourselves. The new year gives us all a chance to turn a new leaf on our lives – a chance to start over, to wipe the slate clean. Too often, we live our lives without reflecting on the lessons we’ve learned and about the person we strive to become. We produced this video to encourage you to take some time in your life and think about these questions. What kind of life do you want to live?”


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13 responses to “What Could Be Your Biggest Regret?

  1. Harley

    Not living life to the fullest.

  2. Katelyn Hill

    – One regret that I would have is not being involved in activities, being very shy/quiet, and not exploring life the right way.

  3. Heather Dunning

    My biggest regret would be not speaking up for myself when it comes to insecurities and being uncomfortable in a situation and not liking things that are happening in my life.

  4. Makayla

    My regrets that I have had is not getting along with my parents. Another one is not letting my parents help me out on things.

  5. Kayla Unick

    I don’t truly regret anything I’ve done. There are some things that I’m not so proud of but I don’t regret those decisions I’ve made.

  6. Marissa Bunger

    1. I never want to smoke
    2. Never borrow and not work
    3. never become an addict
    4. don’t try to rush life
    5. make every moment a memory

  7. McKenna Darby

    – Waisting to much time on.
    – Not taking school seriously enough.
    – Taking money from family and not giving in return.
    – Not getting along with family.
    – Always be respectful.

  8. Sarah

    I would regret not trying my hardest in school, not getting along with my brothers as well as I should. I also regret not helping my dad more, not being responsible as I should. And I also regret not being really social with my dad.

  9. Saige Keim

    One of my biggest regrets I have is not speaking up when I see people doing the wrong. I also regret pushing my family out, not taking my sisters advice, not being closer to my little sisters, and choosing bad friends.

  10. Conner Hand

    The regrets I fear the most is not going 100% on everything I do. The other is that my family is trying to hard to be together and that I need to just be closer to them. Finally I think that one big regret I have is leaving friends and others before I really get to meet them.

  11. Brooklyn Fiddelke

    My biggest regret would be falling away from my religion as I get older.

  12. Megan

    If I didn’t play sports I think that would be my biggest regret.

  13. I would regret if I didn’t give it my all everyday.

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