A Selfie Each Day for Seven Years

Taking a photo everyday for seven years takes an investment of time. Documenting the changes in the way a person look looks like a worthwhile project. I wonder how I’ve changed in seven years. I could look back at my school pictures each year to see, but then, maybe not. I also wonder how I’ve changed in the past seven years on the inside. Have I changed any of my beliefs? Have I become more determined to accomplish any goals? Am I more trustworthy? More dependable? Am I more considerate of others?
Jon Gordon’s book, “The Energy Bus”, emphasizes the importance of taking action in a very personal way. Each day is an intense battle to live a life of positive influence, rather than spinning my wheels being negative, repeating negativity, or blaming something or someone for my lack of productivity.
Have I changed by demonstrating a positive attitude toward others. Have I encouraged my students to live a life that truly makes a difference? Does my family recognize how much I love them? Do my students and fellow staff members know that I care?
Jon Gordon’s book provides so many opportunities for personal reflection. The ten rules for the ride of your life should make a personal difference in anyone’s life. Who do I consider on my team (or on my bus)? Who do I need to distance myself from, limiting the negative influence that cold dampen my progress?
I think I’ve made progress during the past two years, filling my thought life with more focused thoughts. No one talks to me like I talk to myself. Reminding myself of a quote, a verse, a book that I’m reading, or listening to a podcast has helped immensely. Getting a regular amount of sleep has helped eliminate the temptation to be cranky with myself and others.
I want to challenge my family, my students, and fellow staff members to take charge of their lives by living a life of positive influence. Will they be any different a year from now, partially because of the words I say to them? I want to be alert to the opportunities before me to make that difference in their lives. I can think of so many times when I have missed an opportunity to say a few words of importance to a person. I want to be more disciplined to focus on the positive, affirming what is good in my life, rather than demonstrating a ‘kick the can’ attitude. Enough of the complaining! I want to be through with feeling victimized by others, or by situations.
Jon Gordon emphasizes that there is a purpose for everything. The difficulties that come each day can make me a better person if I focus on my mission, guiding me through the temptations to get sidetracked. Seven years from now, I hope others will see a new and improved model of me.

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