Student Interest in NonProfits

Students at Lexington and Pleasanton High Schools are concluding a research project / presentation focusing on the work of a Nonprofit Business. Students could choose any 501c3 nonprofit, identifying the mission statement, vision, and outcome strategy. Student presentations are identified below:

Amanda B: Doctors Without Borders
Garrett B: World Vision
Gabbie D: Make A Wish Foundation
Maria D: Feed The Hungry
Caleb E: Catholic Relief Services
Addy H: World Vision
Calli H: Habitat For Humanity
Jasmine J: Water Without Borders
Trey K: Action Against Hunger
Maddie P: Nothing But Nets
Kelby O: Equality Now
Rachel R: St. Jude Medical Center
Shelena Z: Million Moms Challenge

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One response to “Student Interest in NonProfits

  1. Trey

    1) There is no homeless shelter besides, Hastings crossroads and Kearney crossroads, between North Platte and Lincoln.
    2) The Kearney homeless shelter has beds for 42 people, but can hold more.
    3) Anyone can donate clothes, furniture, and anything that you think they need.
    4) The Kearney homeless shelter wants to build a thrift shop, Hastings already has a thrift shop.
    5) The four phases of the Homeless Shelter.

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