Gradually vs. Suddenly

Pict - humilityHelping students to consider their career, academic, and personal future is sometimes difficult, with all of the distractions and noise in the world. I like to follow Seth Godin’s blog, usually directed toward entrepreneurs and business leaders. His comments, however, often apply to educators and students. A recent blog entry “Gradually Then Suddenly” sparked some thoughts about humility, and the need to guard against arrogance and a know it all attitude.

Another blog site called “Medium” expanded on these ideas. My reflection (which I’ve asked my students to make) is this:
No can have long term influence and success if they are arrogant and overly proud. True humility fosters creativity and an attitude of learning. Humility expands a person’s grasp of learning and knowledge. Humility is not putting self down, or thinking “I’m less than others.” Humility is thinking less of myself as I want to learn more, and develop my skills.

All of this does not happen over night. Expecting sudden bursts of inspiration or skill development will never happen. It takes place gradually. I need to recognize my brokenness and humility. I need to invest in others, with a constant attitude of gratitude. If I approach others with negativity, I will be of no influence.

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