Entrepreneurship Portfolio Sites

Students in Mr. Bednar’s Entrepreneurship Class have each created portfolio sites listed below:

Maria: http://mariadiaz16029.wordpress.com

Caleb: https://eckelportfolio.wordpress.com

Elizabeth: http://elizabethmoro.wordpress.com

Trey: http://keaschallportfolio.wordpress.com/

Devin: http://dtrampe15.wordpress.com

Gabbie: gabbieday.wordpress.com

Rachel: http://rachelr3344.wordpress.com/

Garrett: http://gbryanportfolio.wordpress.com

Nickolas: http://nickolas2016.wordpress.com/

Adeline: http://addyhand.wordpress.com/

Amanda: http://abaillie360.wordpress.com/

Alam: http://alamalvarez2502.wordpress.com/

Calli: https://callihunter.wordpress.com/

Shelena: http://shelenadayle.wordpress.com

Kelby: http://kelbyomeara.wordpress.com

Maddie: http://mapaitz.wordpress.com

Amanda: http://abaillie360.wordpress.com/

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