“The Ultimate Gift” Movie Review

ultimate gift pictStudents in Mr. Bednar’s Entrepreneurship Class have watched and reviewed the movie “The Ultimate Gift”, based on the novel by Jim Stovall. Twelve life lessons were included in the film:
1. The Gift of Hard Work
2. The Value of Money
3. Having Real Friends
4. Effective Learning
5. The Value of Problems in Life
6. The Value of Family
7. The Value of Laughter
8. The Value of Dreams
9. The Value of Giving
10. The Importance of Gratitude
11. The Gift of a Day
12. The Value of Love

Students were required to create their own blog posts on their respective sites regarding this film and the lessons learned. Students are also asked to make a comment regarding their two most important lessons applied from this film. What two values / gifts / lessons were learned or what will be applied from this film?


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6 responses to ““The Ultimate Gift” Movie Review

  1. I think the two most important lessons taught in the movie were the Value of Family and the Value of Dreams. I think it is important to value your family because they are the people who will always be there for you. Valuing your dreams is important because you should always be working towards something, and always have a passion in life.

  2. I feel that the value of family and the value of dreams are very important. Everyone needs to be close to their family and they need to have a dream in life that they want to accomplish.

  3. I think that the most important life lessons are the value of love and having real friends. I think that love and friendship are very important.

  4. I think that having real friends and the value of dreams are two very important things in life. You should always have dreams to work towards. You should also have a few real friends, someone you’re close to , and someone you can tell anything to.

  5. I think that the most important life lesson is loving your family and living life the way it is. Love and friendship is very important and being thankful for what you get.

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