Focus – Each Day Counts

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From: Author Tim Sanders
Focus your efforts on the biggest opportunity in front of you. Execution is the key to seizing the moment. Success is about getting the “one thing” right.
With all the stuff and noise around you, it’s easy to fall into the juggling routine. You may appear narrow-minded to some, in your relentless focus on that one thing, but it’s likely the only way you are going to pull it off.

Please post at least a four sentence comment regarding the struggles and obstacles you encounter regarding the opportunities you have before you each day. What prevents you from getting things done? How do you cope with these struggles each day? What motivates you to get things done?


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9 responses to “Focus – Each Day Counts

  1. Hannah W.

    I struggle with understanding the material in school and getting my work done. I am not learning a lot in school and I think that prevents me from getting some things done because I don’t know how to do the material. I don’t really have a way to cope with these struggles. I motivate myself by reminding myself how good it feels when I have an assignment done.

  2. I struggle with school administration. I think we need more food and drinks. I would also like to use more technology. I think we also deserve a nap hour.

  3. I think that sometimes I don’t get things done because I get hungry throughout the day. I think that schools should allow food again. I think that I could cope with these things by trying to eat a bigger breakfast each day, but sometimes I don’t have enough time to eat breakfast in the mornings.

  4. Michael

    Some of the obstacles that get in my way interfere with every day work. Some times i get distracted and get board doing work, I also sometimes say that i can get it done later but then i get pressed to finish it in time.

  5. Brooke Darby

    One of the reasons I don’t get my schoolwork done is lack of interest in a topic. Sometimes I don’t work as hard as I could because I’m not interested in learning about that topic. Most of my motivation in school is from my parents and my brother, but I am self-motivated as well. I like getting good grades and setting high goals for myself.

  6. Jayde

    The struggles I have each day is the want to come to school. In Gibbon, there are no AP classes. That makes me bored and not want to try because the school work is at a level that doesn’t require me to work very hard. I need to have a drive to want to succeed in my work, not be at a lower level than what I need. With no AP classes, it also distracts me in class when the other kids are messing around and the teacher gets off topic. I also struggle with the mandatory classes we have to take. The topics bore me and although required, most of them having nothing to do with the career I want to go into.

  7. An obstacle that I face is the time it takes me to get things done. I have trouble getting school assignments done in class so I always have homework. I don’t think I am motivated to get assignments done, I just know I am expected to get it done.

  8. Vyphot:
    The main struggle i have is i dont focus well enough, i get distracted by the smallest of things. Also, my procrastination is awful. Ill say ima get something done and when it comes down to the wire i will find something more important to worry about. This is not good when it comes to school work but im making the change to succeed in the future.

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