eBook Showcase by Pleasanton Eighth Graders

Check out the following eBook project’s by Pleasanton’s Eighth Graders:

Autumn‘s eBook: http://issuu.com/bulldawglearning/docs/autumn_ebook

Shelby‘s eBook: http://issuu.com/bulldawglearning/docs/shelby_ebook

Westin‘s eBook: http://issuu.com/bulldawglearning/docs/westin12_ebook

Tamaira‘s eBook: http://issuu.com/bulldawglearning/docs/ebook_-_tamaira

Terry‘s eBook: http://issuu.com/bulldawglearning/docs/ebook__terry

Kayla‘s eBook: http://issuu.com/bulldawglearning/docs/ebook_kayla

Keatton‘s eBook: http://issuu.com/bulldawglearning/docs/ebook_-_keatton

Braden‘s eBook: http://issuu.com/bulldawglearning/docs/braden_h.ebook3

Kendi‘s eBook: http://issuu.com/bulldawglearning/docs/kendiebook

Chance‘s eBook: http://issuu.com/bulldawglearning/docs/chance_s_ebook

Adriana‘s eBook: http://issuu.com/bulldawglearning/docs/adriana_ebook4

Nash‘s eBook: http://issuu.com/bulldawglearning/docs/ebook_nash


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6 responses to “eBook Showcase by Pleasanton Eighth Graders

  1. Braden H

    Everyones ebooks look great and are well made.

  2. TF

    I like Adriana’s. She used a lot of pictures and described her self very well!

  3. clayton

    Good job Shelby

  4. Keatton

    Westin’s is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Chance

    great job terry,stephens

  6. Adriana

    You all have very great ebooks they are put together very well hear are some things that I really liked
    Tamaira: I loved your lay out and you were very disctiptive
    Autumn: I really liked your pictures and you really got your pint across
    Shelby: I loved your color choice and your word choice.
    Westin: I think that your Ebook really described yourself

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