Where Is Technology Leading Us?

How would you summarize Google’s Techonomy Conference? Where is the world’s technology leading us?


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5 responses to “Where Is Technology Leading Us?

  1. I think that someday schools will go paperless and just use the technology like laptops and iPads. I also think some businesses will follow and go paperless. I think that someday they will try to put all of your information on a card. I don’t necessarily like where I think technology is going. I think they are trying to get rid of people and just have machines do everything. I think that somethings are just better if they are done by a person not a machine.

  2. I think technology is moving so fast that people haven’t thought of the consequences. Maybe people won’t be needed for their jobs anymore. If a person’s medical records are on a computer someone might get access to them. Personal information can be stolen.

  3. Michael

    I believe that technology is going both ways, both good and bad, exceptionally fast and what might happen might be a world wide whiplash if something happens like a hacker with the newest tech just shuts down any connection every were. While that could be the worst case scenario the positives of technology are just as big like curing thousands of sicknesses and also world wide connections helping world wide peace.

  4. Dalton

    Things are upgading to fast. an all usege of tecnolagy even when you eat.

  5. Tania Martinez

    The best job is the one that you want to do for the rest of your life. The worst job is probably the technology.

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