The Huge Gap Between Education and Careers

The following is adapted from Dr. Tim Elmore. His entire blog entry can be read here:
“A large employer of young people recently spoke with a representative from the Department of Education in Georgia. In essence, he said, “We are not asking grads about their GPA or their SAT. We are hunting for soft skills, communication skills and leadership skills. And we are not finding them.”

But is it the kids’ fault? According to a study done by McKinsey and Company, barely 50% of youth today believe their education actually increases their chance at getting a job. They just don’t see the classroom as a relevant place to “get ready.” The McKinsey study included 4,500 students, 2,700 employers and 900 educational institutions in 9 countries. Their findings confirm what I’ve been saying since 2008. We cannot survive an economic recession while at the same time produce graduates who’ve not been prepared for the working world.

Once again this year, somewhere between one third to one half of the job openings for entry level employees (i.e. “recent graduates”) went unfilled. In other words, the jobs were ready—but the graduates weren’t. Youth are now three times more likely to be unemployed than their parents. According to social scientists, this has become more than an economic issue but a social and psychological one as well.”

What do you think? Are you being prepared for employment? How is your school preparing you to be an employable person?

Please download Dr. Elmore’s eBook “52 Leadership Ideas”, and identify how well you think your school is preparing you for the 21st Century.


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10 responses to “The Huge Gap Between Education and Careers

  1. Carlos

    No I don’t think that this school is preparing me for the work force field. But my job is.

  2. I think that my school is preparing me in some ways for life after high school. My school is very good with using new technology to help students learn. We learn how to use many computer programs that we may use in a job. They teach us how to write a resume and job interview skills that are very helpful.

  3. Crystal F

    the truth is they’re not really preparing us. Yes they teach us responsibility and what not, but it’s really life situations that teach us leadership.

  4. We know how to fill out resumes, we have been taught to use teamwork, we are taught to be responsible, and they are teaching us how to be technologically advanced. The school could also be more demanding in making us the best we can be though.

  5. kalemiller

    Schools have taught me how to apply for scholarships and fill out resumes, they have also showed us how important time-management and responsibility skills are, FBLA has taught me how to become a better leader, another thing that we have learned is how to use certain computer software programs.

  6. We are learning how to write a resume and conduct an interview.
    We have organizations that teach us teamwork and leadership.
    We are learning different technology applications.

  7. Michael

    I believe that school is preparing us for the future wold with having an entrepreneur class and being able to understand today technology and will be able to communicate easier with public speaking and having the capability of working with others

  8. I do not feel prepared for a career. I feel like I do not have the professional skills needed for a job. I might have the knowledge for a position, but I do not have the professional experience.

  9. Brooke Darby

    I think that my school prepares me for the real world in some ways. We use a lot of technology and that will help with many of the careers I’ve been thinking about going into. Entrepreneurship also teaches us about the real world and what we will need to do in the future. I also think that my school could improve in a lot of areas and students should get more options for classes.

  10. Being a senior the school prepares us on scholarships, resumes, and interview skills, but other than that describing what the world is I feel unprepared. Some students learn in different way and in my case I would have to learn by experience rather than just talking about it.

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