Leadership from Sports Heroes

Check out the advice from Coach Sabin regarding 15 essential leadership skills for any organization or individual. Please post a comment below after researching other tips, advice, counsel, or mentoring examples from the world of sports that you can implement in your own life. Coach Sabin’s advice is posted on a blog by Brian Dodd.

One school principal, Mr. George Courous says, “To a teenager growing up in a networked world, this model makes absolutely zero sense. Even if they’ve been trained in a traditional educational environment where collaboration is pooh-poohed, if they have access to the internet, they’ve developed a sensibility for obtaining knowledge from a wide variety of sources. More importantly, many youth in creative class environments are growing up with the idea that knowledge is something that you tap into, not something you innately have. Knowing where to turn to get relevant information is often as valued as knowing the answer.”

What do you think? Is all of this advice useful to teenagers in today’s world? What advice do you want to follow?

Please post at least five to seven sentences below.


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3 responses to “Leadership from Sports Heroes

  1. Hannah W.

    My sports hero is Steve Prefontaine. He was an Olympic runner who ran everything in between the 2,000m – 10,000m. His quotes are very inspiring and motivating. “To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.” -Steve Prefontaine

  2. My sport hero is Rex Burkhead. He is a football player for UNL. he was a senior this year. He is my hero because he learned that he should’nt play for him self but for god. so that is why i admire Rex Burkhead.

  3. My sports hero is Adrian Peterson. He played football at Oklahoma and now currently plays for the Minnesota Vikings. It is said that Peterson plays for his brother that was killed at the age of nine by a drunk driver. That is why I think he is the sports hero.

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