Are 8th Graders Getting Smarter?

American students are continuously proving to know less in subjects like history. A study released last October by the American Council of Trustees and Alumni and GfK roper saw abysmal results on surveys gauging American history literacy among college graduates. The results seemingly echoed the findings of two viral videos from earlier last year that suggested students do not possess adequate knowledge of U.S. history, politics and current events.

A 2010 study by the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) showed the U.S. history testing scores are “stagnant,” with only 9 percent of fourth graders correctly identifying a photograph of Abraham Lincoln and stating two reasons for his importance.

What do you think, are 8th Graders getting smarter? Are 8th graders well prepared for the future?
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16 responses to “Are 8th Graders Getting Smarter?

  1. Clayton Darby

    The test is very easy yet some of the stuff on the test is different and they would have time to study.

  2. nash

    it is very ezey

  3. Tamaira

    I have no idea if we’re learning more or less. Most likely less, but we can’t do that much to help it. I guess if we’re learning what the teachers want us to learn then it’s fine. So I think a lot of us would have a terrible time trying to pass.

  4. Shelby Nichols

    8th graders are not smarter than this. I don’t know a lot of what is said on the test. I don’t know how do do a lot of that math. I would bomb the test if we had to take it.

  5. braden

    I think we are getting smarter. That test made no mention of algebra which I’m currently taking. We also learned these things years ago. We should have a test in each subject for a big grade . I think that this is very different from today.

  6. Autumn Pritchard

    I think we should have the test because some kids are barely passing by not doing anything. So if we take the test it would show the kids who actually take school seriously and the kids who do not care about school. Also, I do not think today’s 8th graders are getting smarter.

  7. Adriana

    The 8th grade generation is getting smarter from 100 years ago. I looked at the test that my ancestors would have had to take to get out of 8th grade, and they would have been older that me, and was able to pass it. The reason that we are getting smarter is because we are taught the same things earlier in life. Like I was in second grade when I learned what longitude and lattitude. But there are also some harder things that I couldn’t know how to do so I think that we are getting smarter but at the sme time we are staying the same.

  8. Keatton

    I believe 8th graders were smarter a hundred years ago than we are today at certain things. One thing they weren’t smarter about was that they didn’t have to deal with was learning how to use computers.

  9. Jesse Dickey

    I believe that kids back then were smarter than kids now. Back then they didn’t have a calculator. So they were better at math. We have more technology today. So we are smarter in the electronic area.

  10. J

    I don’t think we learn more than before. But some kids are smarter than me and could figure it out faster then I ever would. If students actually cared about school things would probably be different. 8th graders are not getting any smarter!

  11. Kayla Stubbs

    I don’t know if 8th graders are smarter than this. I think that this test would be hard to pass, I think a hundred years ago the were really smart.

  12. tterry

    i thi we are smarter. i think if we had a test it should include nebraskan history, algebra or pre-algebra. if we had a modern test i think kids that dont really try would get smarter. i hink that smart kids would get even smarter and every one wold have a better chance for a college education.

  13. ryan

    I don’t think i could barley pass. It is very difficult. The kids that would pass would be smart enough to be a senior. So I don’t think 8th graders are as smart.

  14. w

    I am a 8th grader and I’m not getting smarter. I aint no asin kid that can make a robot in 5 sec. Anyway I dont think I am getting any smarter. The only one that is getting smarter is braden and keatton.

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