7 Decisions Every Leader Needs To Make

Check out Mr. Andy Andrews’ video clip (http://youtu.be/D17IEw73flw) based on his book, “Mastering the Seven Decisions that Determine Personal Success”. Students – please post your response to this video – what three decisions are the hardest to make and why?


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14 responses to “7 Decisions Every Leader Needs To Make

  1. 1. Persistance
    2. Joy
    3. Taking Action

  2. My three hardest decisions are Making a Responsible Decisions without play the blame game, Making a Guided Decisions, and Making a Persistent Decision.

  3. 1.Being Responsible………. i need to start taking responsibilities of the actions i have done
    2. Joyful Decisions…………. I have been not doing decisions with grudges as much but I still need to work on it.
    3. Making a Certain Decision………….. Need to stop second guessing myself and go with the first choice

  4. Making a Joyful Decision – without grudges, but with gratitude- This one is hard for me because I sometimes can hold grudges.
    Making a Persistent Decision – without giving up- Sometimes after somethings gets hard it is easy just to give up.
    Making an Active Decision, with calculated risks- This is tough because sometimes you just do something without weighing the pros and cons.

  5. Hannah W.

    1. To be responsible because sometimes I don’t want to do what I need to.
    2. To decide what is the right thing to do because sometimes I never know what to do.
    3. I find it hard to make a passionate decision. It’s hard for me to listen to my heart instead of other people.

  6. The three hardest decisions for me to make are making a responsible decision, making an active decision with calculated risks, and making a guided decisions seeking wisdom from respected responsible role models. I am very bad about blaming things on other people. I don’t think of the consequences before I make decisions. I like to be in charge so I have a hard time asking for help when making decisions.

  7. The most difficult decisions for me are making persistant decisions. sometimes it is hard to stick with my decision. I can give up easily.

  8. Taylor O.

    My most difficult decisions are making persistent decisions. I change my mind easily. Also making guided decisions is a struggle for me. Responsible decisions can also be challenging.

  9. Michael

    the hardest decisions for me would be
    Making an Active Decision, with calculated risks
    Making a Responsible Decisions without play the blame game
    Making a Joyful Decision – without grudges, but with gratitude

    • Michael

      these decisions would be hard for me because knowing there would be risks i would probably not take them Responsible decisions would be hard and goes against human nature and finally a joyful decision would be hard because some decisions will make many people mad

  10. Marisol

    Making a responsible decision : is hard because sometimes I like to do what I want.
    Making compassionate decisions: is the hardest thing becase it is hard forgiving a person who did you wrong.
    Making a guided decision: I like to be indipendent at not have to rely on other people.

  11. When coming up with decisions I am not the best one to make and stick with I am always doubtful that possible another option would have been better. Most times those decisions are pretty easy to be either happy, mad or sad about. You just got to fine the one that makes you happy.

  12. My three hardest decisions to make would have to be Making Compassionate Decisions, Making an Active Decision, And making a responsible decision. I think these would be the hardest because they all play a major role in how my future might become, making the wrong decision can affect you more than you’d might think.

  13. Carlos

    I would say the three hardest decisions to make would be making a responsible decision without play the blame game. You should take responsibility for your own actions and not be blaming others for whatever reason. Making an active decision, with calculated risks is also is one of the three hardest decisions. You should make decisions knowing the consequences. Making a persistent decision, without giving up.

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