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Please check out three of the following sites created by students in our Entrepreneurship Class. The goal is to develop a working website that promotes a students career / college interests, skills, accomplishments, mission, and vision for the future. In the comments below, please identify at least four sites that you have reviewed with two compliments / praises for the work each has done:
Taylor O.:
Taylor N:
Gristal G.:
Crystal F.:


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11 responses to “Blog Review

  1. Brendan- I liked the pictures you had and how the website looked.
    Kale- I liked your quote from Michael Jordan.
    Brooke- I like your pictures from Lobby the Legislature and your website background.

  2. I liked Carlos’ format. It has a nice flow to it. I liked the simplicity of Junior’s website. It was very easy to find his biography. Nisha’s format is nice. Her information is very easy to find. Taylor N.’s website is very nicely put together. You can tell a lot of effort went into creating this website.

  3. I reviewed Be, Grant, Junior, Grant, and Blake’s websites.
    I liked Be’s pictures from football and I also liked the paw print.
    I liked how Grant’s layout was simple and his posts are simple.
    I liked how Junior had a simple layout and his site was easy to navigate.
    I liked how Blake’s layout was setup and the overall look of the site.

  4. The Blogs that i liked the most were Grant’s Hannah’s and Kale’s. I like these because they are easy to navigate and are neat and orderly.

  5. I liked all of the pictures Brendan included on his sports page.
    I liked Crystal’s about me page. And I liked the layout of your blog.
    I liked Aubrey’s Latest Projects page it was a good idea to show off your work that way.
    I liked Taylor O.’s site. It was easy to navigate.

  6. Kale has a nice video.
    Brooke has great information about herself.
    Brendan has a beautiful page.
    Taylor N. her page is organized.
    Lani’s was nice looking.

  7. I reviewed Brooke, Colton L., Brendan, Michael, and Kayla’s websites. They were all very well put together and easy to navigate. I really like the ability to customize all of them and they were all really easy to navigate.

  8. Crystal F

    sorry you guys, my blog doesn’t show my “about me” in full view -_-

  9. Carlos

    Kale I like your creativity.
    Kayla I like the fact that it looks like you took some time to do your website and looks professional
    Brooke you have great information about yourself
    Jayde very well set up and professional

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  11. Crystal F

    Kayla I like your blog, taylor, aubrey, and brooke have a very organized page with a very nice layout.

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