7 Habits of Web-savvy Entrepreneurs

Web-savvy entrepreneurs are a step ahead of the game. They know tech trends, they try new tools, and they drive major online conversations. The following is adapted from a ‘Linked in” article which can be read here.

If that doesn’t sound like you, it’s time to develop new online habits:

1. Become an email pro.
Allow yourself to check your email just a few times throughout the day. There are a number of tools to help you check and manage your ‘in box’.

2. Blog.
Maintaining an active blog can translate to career success. If you want to succeed online, get a blog (via Tumblr, WordPress, or Typepad) and churn out quality content. It’s the lifeblood of your Web presence.

3. Be the go-to information guru.
“To be interesting, one first has to be interested.”

Look at successful social media curators, like @brainpicker or @MichaelHyatt. They share content more than 10 times a day, picking the most interesting finds from their daily readings. Find people to follow on Twitter.

4. Read specific news to be well informed.
Anyone can read BBC News or The New York Times–you need to find articles that actually matter to you and your industry. Use an app like Zite or My6Sense, or Flipboard.

5. Grow a network.
Don’t just broadcast–find those who are active in your industry online and tweet them, retweet them, and learn from them. Being known as someone who is responsive will be the core of your online presence.

6. Develop a pulse.
The Web is always changing, so avoid getting attached to one tool. Influential people on the Internet know something better may come along, so they try new tools constantly. Try ifttt, which allows you to connect any two Web services together, such as Dropbox with Flickr, or Google Reader with Buffer. Keep on top of new tools if you want to stay ahead of the curve.

7. Cut out all negativity.
No one likes complainers. A new study shows that posting negative comments is related to diminishing your online network, so keep it positive. No one likes a negative employee – posting negative comments could lead to losing your job.

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