Managing Your Health Via Handheld Technology

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4 responses to “Managing Your Health Via Handheld Technology

  1. The technology that is being made is becoming smaller then what it use. Like heart monitors, you can hook one up to your iPhone. Most of the things that they make is ridiculous. No need to make some of those things.

  2. It is saying that technology is awesome and can help us out in so many ways. Technology helps out doctors, farmers, and basically everyone do everything.

    • Technology is very useful in many ways but at the same time it has become an easy access to kill someone. It may help doctors to help, but how easy would it be to impersonate a doctor and that information gets into the wrong hands?

  3. Technology is ubiquitous. Everywhere we go, we see technology. This can be used for good or bad. Technology is changing my life by making connections so easy. It also wastes a lot of my life from playing games on my phone and such. On the upside, technology has been very beneficial in medicine, science, math, etc.

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