Grow Your Garden

pict - gardenDeveloping each of our lives can be parallel to to growing a healthy garden. It needs time, attention, and cultivation. The sunshine of laughter and affirmation is accompanied with the rains of difficulties, tense mental, serious discussions about critical issues. There must be spade work, where hardness is broken loose with a planting of fresh seed. Here are fifteen rows worth planting and replanting:

Four rows of peas: Preparedness; Perseverance; Promptness; Politeness
Then three rows of squash: Squash gossip; Squash criticism; Squash indifference
Along with five rows of lettuce: Let us be faithful; Let us be unselfish; Let us be loyal; Let us love one another; Let us be truthful.
And three rows of turnips: Turn up with a smile; Turn up with a new idea; Turn up with determination.

With attention and care your life will be a season of provision filled with a grateful heart.

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