How Will Technology Change Us?

How will technology change us? Will technology be used for good or evil? Will technology help or hurt crime prevention? Do you agree with Mr. Goodman?


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8 responses to “How Will Technology Change Us?

  1. Kayla

    Technology will become even more advanced then it is today. It will probably be used for both good and evil. As he explained in the video most of the “evil” in the world was already using it before us. I can honestly say I don’t know what it will do to crime prevention but my imagination can give me an idea. I do agree.

  2. Technology will be used for good and evil. No matter how many good things you can use technology for there is always going to be something bad. There will always be bad people who are using good things for violence. Technology can help with crime prevention but only if police officers have better technology than the criminals.

  3. It was alright. I learned a little bit more than I knew.

  4. I believe as time goes by technology will advance too the point where it is causing more damage then good. What i mean by that is al qaeda or any terroristic threat will become advanced beyond belief making America an immediate target.
    Vyphot Keomanivong.

  5. Mikalah Brown

    I believe as time goes by technology will advance way beyond what was intended. That is why some technologies are causing more damage then good these days. People are learning new ways to do things and in the process more bad things happen. For instance, movie technology concerning gun raids and murder shows are causing more and more violent behaviors with certain people in the world. Plus, the growth of media is giving the wrong people attention. This also may be causing violent behaviors in order to gain attention and become “famous”. In otherwords, the growth of technology is really taking its toll all over the world.

  6. The new and fancy technology we have today is good but a times it can be bad when people use it for killing and hurt others. I think it’s a 50/50 chance of people using technology for good.

  7. It’s true the idea of our technology growing faster than we can control it, I don’t believe though that if you were to give everyone a code to someones DNA that they would use it for good. If someone has a dislike with someone they will probably do more to harm then help. Everything is changing today more than ever. That printer in 3-D is some scary stuff. It makes me feel unsafe in the future.

  8. Technology changes us everyday. It will be used for both. It will help law enforcement and it will hurt it. I somewhat agree with him.

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