Manage Your Online Reputation

pict - birdThe following is from a site called “Viral Blog Ideas”. You can read the entire article by clicking on here.
“Perhaps the proper way to begin a discussion of online reputation is to dispel a widely-held belief of all computer users: that one’s online reputation is similar to the person’s personal or professional reputation. In reality, these three notions are distinct from one another, and they may or may not be affected by (or even resemble) one another. For bloggers, this means that they may have stellar professional credentials and garner substantial personal respect, but if their online reputation is poor, they will ultimately be unsuccessful in their blogging efforts.”

As you think about creating a website or a blog site, it is wise to constantly monitor what you say as well as what others post on your site. Your website can be the best tool you have to land a scholarship or a job, or it could be your worst nightmare.

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