A Teacher’s Faith At Work

Hugh Atkinson’s article, “The Faith of a Teacher” at QIdeas has reminded me how important my behavior is in the classroom. My behavior should be consistent with my beliefs.

“In classrooms overflowing with children, teaching requires more than reciting lessons and reading books. Teachers must show that faith, hope, and love still remain in a world full of hopelessness and despair. Hugh Atkinson reflects on the harsh realities and the hidden joys of teaching.”

Leaders and teachers come in all forms. Leaders can be militaristic, commanding respect and specific behaviors. Leaders can be permissive, allowing great freedom of expression, hoping that effective decisions will be made. However, leaders can be shepherds, skillful at guiding followers to be effective decision makers. The Biblical model points toward the Shepherd model, wise in protecting a group from harm, yet leading by knowing individuals by name, watching carefully for those who might stray. Protecting, yet serving, thinking outside the box when the terrain and geography changes.

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